Is there a cover charge and Coat Check?

NUVO may charge a fee, A standard cover charge may range from $5 to 10 and a reasonably priced coat check facility of $3.

Special Event entry fees could be higher.

Can you book a private booth and bottle service?

You can book a private raised VIP booth with bottle service! Your personal waitress pouring your drinks all night, a section for you and your friends to celebrate a night out.

VIP booth reservation allow up to 8 guests VIP line skip and free cover in your private raised booth , $400 goes toward your bar tab to spend in bottle service.

Most Booths could seat up to 15+ guests.

For additional VIP/booth guest to join your party and VIP line skip free cover is $50 each to be added to your bar tab to spend in bottle service.

Make a $400 deposit or and will Guarantee your booth reservation till 12:30AM.

Without deposit VIPs must be present before 11:30PM.

INTERAC e-Transfer:
or by Credit cards:

Send us your picture and Instagram name and will make a poster and tag your celebration like happy birthday or any other!

Text 6137035400 NUVO for more info.

Text 8733530175 for more info.

VIP high table or bar reservation allow up to 3 guests VIP line skip and free cover, $250 goes toward your bar tab to spend in bottle service.

Book your party and pay online.

Does NUVO cater for functions and birthdays?

NUVO is very flexible when it comes to functions for you and your company/group. Whether you want to book the whole BAR out, or you just want a booth booking we can organize the function for you based on your requirements. Just give us a call OR email to discuss the various options!

What are the rules of NUVO lounge?
  • Must be 19 years or older to attend with a valid photo ID.
  • Tickets may be printed or shown on mobile phones.
  • NUVO is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.
  • All sales are final and no refunds.
  • Professional cameras, backpacks, are not permitted on site.
  • All guests shall remain respectful and courteous to their fellow patrons.
  • All patrons are subject to screenings, pat-down and metal detector by security.
  • Enjoy your night and come to party!
What is the dress code?

For a stylish, fun-filled evening, come dressed to party, as there is no specific dress code in effect. ugly sneakers, baggy pants, hoodies and tuques won’t get you where you want to go at NUVO Lounge 295!

Dress stylish 🙂

Management reserves all rights.

What ID's do you accept?

Must be 19+. And Your ID will be viewed upon entry.

ID is a requirement by law and is unavoidable.

Only the following forms of identification are accepted:

  • A current Canadian driver’s license or permit.
  • A current Canadian or foreign passport.
  • A current Government issued proof of age card.
  • Other current identity documents approved by the Liquor Licensing:
  • An overseas ID must contain the persons photograph and date of birth.
Does NUVO Have security surveillance?

NUVO has constant surveillance through CCTV monitoring system.

Metal detectors and pat-downs may be used and bags may be subject to searching as part of our ongoing commitment to public safety.

Zero tolerance policy.

Does NUVO Have an ATM $ (automated teller machine) ?